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I was so excited when I started reading 'White Teeth;, I was so sure it was gonna be a good book. I have not liked it so far... It just isn't working for me. I tried really hard to read it but I found myself staring into space after reading a few lines. So.... I have put it aside for a few weeks and hope to come back to it in a different mood and HOPEFULLY enjoy it!

My friend brought back Purple Hibiscus, among other Nigerian books for me... I just started reading this. I am on page 71. It is not bad at all... I just want to understand why she called Pounded Yam, 'FUFU'. LOL!!!

I will write my review when I am done with it.


I don't know what's wrong with me, but I always get slightly jealous the first time I read of a good Nigerian writer, especially when she's female. Put it down to the speck of male chauvinism I still haven't scrubbed away.

With the likes of Buchi Emecheta from the female angle and Ben Okri from the male, I think it's time to move on, especially if I'm ever going to be able to create my personal style. I'll be ordering Purple Hibiscus in the nearby future.

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I've read this and I was pleasantly surprised, I haven't read lots of books by Nigerian writers but I find they're often not as interesting if the reader is actually Nigerian.

I really liked this book though! Hope you enjoy it!

By the way, how is Zadie Smith such a prolific writer? I haven't met a single person thus far who has said with certainty that they have enjoyed her books. Though 'On Beauty' really grew on me.

@ Azuka ... are you a writer?

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Wondered if you've read On Beauty. All hype aside, it really is a literary tour de force. I enjoyed it. Have a read. I'll be interested to hear your views.

Azuka. Competition keeps writers humble. I say this as someone who's been tagged as a Christian writer and is furiously trying to box my way out of the label. Hence the rants on my blog.

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Let's just say I try to write. There's some stuff on the writing section of my blog, and I have a different site powered by a CMS I wrote last year. I'm currently rewriting the code, however, so I haven't been posting any writeups on it for qite a while.

Christian Writer


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