Half of a Yellow Sun

*Sniff* I am so upset!!!

I have finished this book! It was so so so good!!! I couldn't believe I was enjoying a book this much... I read it standing on the platform waiting for the train/tube... I read it standing on the tube cos there was no room to sit... I read it on the escalator out of the tube station... I read it everywhere!!

It was so interesting and it educated me A LOT. I have heard about the Biafra War but I never really knew the details... This book educated me while it told different stories... of people linked to each other. How the war affected them, what they experienced, what they witnessed, I felt like I was there.

If you haven't read it, please get it and read it :-)

Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie - Done
26a by Diana Evans - Currently Reading
Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie - Next in Line

Purple Hibiscus Review
The first page of the book got on my nerves... I am so used to reading books by British, Irish and American authors... My first impression was that she was writing the book like she was talking... Does that make sense... It took me a day to get into the book, I had to change my mindset and it was not easy.

Once, I got into the book, it was an interesting read. It's about a rich Nigerian family, a religious father who is abusive, Kambili, the main character is so timid and her classmates think she is a snob, they don't understand that she has a STRICT father who will beat the HELL out of her if she doesn't come first in school or if she gets home a couple of minutes late... A father who has practically disowned his father because he is not Catholic... A father who has beaten his wife so bad, she has miscarried more than once...

Kambili and her brother stay at her Aunt's for a while and things start to get interesting...

I gotta go now, I might write a little more about the book...

Read it, if you can.

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