Half of a Yellow Sun

*Sniff* I am so upset!!!

I have finished this book! It was so so so good!!! I couldn't believe I was enjoying a book this much... I read it standing on the platform waiting for the train/tube... I read it standing on the tube cos there was no room to sit... I read it on the escalator out of the tube station... I read it everywhere!!

It was so interesting and it educated me A LOT. I have heard about the Biafra War but I never really knew the details... This book educated me while it told different stories... of people linked to each other. How the war affected them, what they experienced, what they witnessed, I felt like I was there.

If you haven't read it, please get it and read it :-)


Sounds like something I shouldn't miss. I'll have to put off reading till I'm done with exams, though...

Errr... picture?

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i will try and get this book and make it part of my december read.

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yea good book, have u read icarus girl, would like to know what u think bout that one

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Icarus Girl? Nope... I will search on the net for the author and what it's about.

Have you read it?


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I got the book when it was launched in the UK my dear book lover of friend pried it from my weak hands like a hungry London underground ticket tout! I finally got it back (this signed hardback copy better earn me interest on eBay in a few years!) and I’m now a little more than half way through. My journey time into work is a lot shorter now so reading the darn thing is taking forever and I refuse to read in bed these days. Anyhoo, I’m liking it so far.

Who’s your favorite character? When you read it, did you find yourself connecting with certain characters more or attributing the characteristics of certain characters to people you know?

Like you, I’d say I was somewhat aware of Biafra but not till reading this book did I think about what people went through back in the day. Some of our relatives from my nana’s side of the family still have tribal marks which was apparently largely due to Biafr. They had to mark themselves to show what village they were from, that is one seriously permanent identity card!

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I read this as well this past christmas. It is a REALLY good book. Better than her Purple Hibiscus, but thats understandable, she was young! I was thoroughly educated as well. Never knew what the fuss was about the Biafra war but after this book... i got it. Sharply. History... its an amazing thing isnt it? For some reason, my favorite character was the "ugly" twin Kainene. I fell in love with her cause she knew herself so well. I think it came from years of having to live with her sister being the pretty one. Learning to accept herself she built such strong character compensating for her physical "shortcoming". I loved her realism too. Really good book... dont want to give anything away.

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REALLY good book, i read it everywhere also, my fav character was Kainene, i could relate to her, and she reminded me soooo much of my mother...GREAT book, and i learnt so much about Biafra. I'm not a blogger, but i would love to join the book club!

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i was shovelling snow today and i was thinking about the ending and Kainene being gone and how no one gave up hope for her and searched - was Kainene the metaphor for Biafra? Strong, independant, self-knowing, enterprising, confident -- but then gone?

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i'll concur and say that my favourite character was kainene...and the ending? so freaking sad

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