Something borrowed: Chapter 1, Onada's review

So we have rachel who's about to turn 30. She's not too excited because her best friend, Darcy has it all, the fiance, the nice ring, the cool job. She has a great job that she hates, she though she would be married by now but here she is turning 30 feeling not to great about it and her best friend is stealing her shine at her party by dancing on the bar......

Kinda depressing in my opinion. Is turning 30 really that bad? She's got a great job as a lawyer as in geezz she's probably making a good amount... but then again. Money isnt everything right?

So party ends, best friend leaves, rachel ends up hanging out with best friends fiance. Best friend left because she got too drunk and started embarassing herself. Fiance stays behind at the party.....

why? why didnt he leave?

Rachel and best friends fiance end up leaving after having a bit too much to drink and end up having sex !!!!

Talk about drama in the first chapter!! As in i was stumped. i almost didnt feel like reading the book anymore. How could she have slept with her best friends fiance ?? As in i thought about me. what would i do if i slept with my best friends fiance - this would never happen but just imagine. thats it. Book should be over LOL.

What kills it for me now is that she has feelings for the fiance, Dex....... what is wrong with this girl??
what do you guys think? I'm annoyed. I hate rachel now and she's the main character. I hope this doesnt kill it for me

Something Borrowed

Onada and ToyinE have read this book.

Very short summary - There are 2 best friends, One's had it easy throughout life, now she has a PR job and a gorgeous fiance. The other, has had to go through lifeworking hard with her best friend getting it all right in front of her eyes

Then, the unthinkable happens.... I won't say too much.

I think you should read this if you can get access to it. It is not the best book out there but it is interesting, it is not exactly chick lit....

a way to go about this?

We are all over the place, if I am not mistaken, and It might be hard to get the same books to read at the same time. An idea would be for each memeber to write a review of any great books they have recently read and anyone who reads the book can leave their comments at the end of the specific book post. Its kind of a way for us to know of good books to read, without us all having to order books online and all that. If you can access the book, great...if you cant, you know to look out for it for whenever.

OUR FIRST BOOK - What should we read ladies?

I'm so excited about our book club! i think this is an excellent idea. So what will we be reading first? Has any one read Terry Mcmillians "A day late and a dollar short?" what about "The da vinci code?" Those are two books i'm yet to read. So ladies what are your suggestions?



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