OUR FIRST BOOK - What should we read ladies?

I'm so excited about our book club! i think this is an excellent idea. So what will we be reading first? Has any one read Terry Mcmillians "A day late and a dollar short?" what about "The da vinci code?" Those are two books i'm yet to read. So ladies what are your suggestions?


Well... I have read DaVinci code but haven't heard about the Tery McMillian (Spelt right?) book...

I think you should finish reading Something Borrowed, Onada and we can talk about that first cos ToyinE has read it right? Don't know about the others though...

What do the rest of you think?

8:26 AM  

I read both books... I havent read something borrowed though.

8:48 AM  

Tori, I think you should try to read it if you can. It's the end of the week, everyone's laid back for the weekend. Maybe we can think more about the whole format over the weekend, if we've got nothing better to do... haha Like Me!

TMinx said she's in Nig oh that it's not as easy to get books... so we gotta consider her...

9:30 AM  

I've read DaVinci's code as well but haven't read the Terry McMillian book or Something Borrowed.Currently reading Purple Hibiscus tho' which I'm finding quite interesting.

5:14 PM  

Nice idea, I'ld love to join. Just got done reading 'Waiting for an Angel"... Onada what do you think about that book. It had some iffy moments.

10:23 PM  

Sorry about the late entries ladies - I haven't read the McMillian book but have read the Da Vinci code (don't know if this can be analysed any further though - it's been dissected by the world and its mother). I've also read Purple Hibiscus.

I suggest To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. When do we get to decide?

6:15 AM  

My two cents worth, I've read DaVinci Code and its definitely worth a read for anyone interested in travel (Paris/London) or history and Art. The Terry McMillan book was good but definitely not one of her best (I read it a couple of years ago and it doesn't really stick in my memory) if you haven't read any of her stuff try Waiting to Exhale or Disapppearing Acts first. Purple Hibiscus is good and reminds me of Nigeria. However If I had to recommend one book it would be Small Island by Andrea Levy. Its about a couple that come to the UK in the 60s and the racism they faced, struggles to get by etc.

11:32 AM  

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