Something Borrowed

Onada and ToyinE have read this book.

Very short summary - There are 2 best friends, One's had it easy throughout life, now she has a PR job and a gorgeous fiance. The other, has had to go through lifeworking hard with her best friend getting it all right in front of her eyes

Then, the unthinkable happens.... I won't say too much.

I think you should read this if you can get access to it. It is not the best book out there but it is interesting, it is not exactly chick lit....


I'm still on the third chapter. will post my initial thoughts on the first 3 chapters shortly! this book is crazy!!

1:00 PM  

This is another cover right? Cos I'm sure I have this book. I want to join this club!!! (she sobs) But I need some advice concerning reading - ONADA watch out for my seeking advice blog within the next coupla days!

3:30 AM  

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