Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

When I FINALLY got into the book, I really enjoyed it.

The book begins with:

"I was born twice: first, as a baby girl, on a remarkably smogless Detroit day in January of 1960; and then again, as a teenage boy, in an emergency room near Petoskey, Michigan, in August of 1974"

My Review: This book is a saga. It tells the story of the main character's grandparents (brother and sister married each other!), parents (cousins married each other). Apparently, in-breeding is the main reason for the resulting Haemaphrodite, Callie.

The first 200 (and more) tell the story of her grandparents and parents... I didn't really find that interesting, I struggled through it.

Can you imagine living the first 13 years of life thinking you are a girl? Only to find out you are BOTH but more a BOY than a GIRL?

Born as Callie, the doctor who delivered her was OLD and distracted so he did not notice anything... Callie lived a normal young girl's life until PUBERTY. No period, No breasts, Broad shoulders, Lean hips... While all the girls in her year were growing breast, showing off about their periods.

Her parents had NO idea she was a haemaphrodite... her Mother starts to worry that she is not going through puberty as expected so Callie lies to her that she'd started her period, she also starts stuffing her bra. Callie was attracted to girls and she had a 'relationship' with 'The Object', a pretty girl in her school. She did try to have sex once with 'The Object's' brother and it hurt LIKE HELL so she stopped the penetration.

She knew she was different but successfully hid this until she was involved in an accident and it was during examination in the Emergency Room that the medical staff realised her 'Secret'... Her parents had some doctors see her and she was referred to a specialist doctor in New York. She went through some psychological evaluations and tests and found out(by reading the Doc's note without her parent's or doc's knowledge) that although she was raised as a girl - she had more of the male gene.

I think her life after the actual discovery was rushed because as I was getting more and more into the book, IT ENDED!!!

I will give this book 5/10 for the first 200 pages and 8/10 for the rest of the book.

On to my Next Book - White Teeth by Zadie Smith. This book BETTER be good or else someone's gonna pay! HaHa!!!


I ABSOLUTELY ADORED THAT BOOK!!!! It did star a bit slowly, and the end did seem rushedm buit I LOVED the way Eugenides took you on a trip through 3 generations. It was beautifully written and I look forward to reading more from him

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To be honest with you, I think I appreciated the 1st 2 parts of the saga when I started to read Callie's (Cal's) story... BUT while I was reading it, I just wanted to get to Callie's story... LOL!!!

Maybe if I read it again in a couple of months, I would appreciate it even more.

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It sounds more interesting than I thought it would be when you were saying how much of a struggle it was to get into it, but I can't say I'll pick it up and read it!

Let us know how 'white teeth' goes because I'm trying to decide whether to read it or not!

Great review!

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The first 200 pages were a struggle, after that - I enjoyed it!

Callie's story was the most interesting.

I started white teeth, I am on page 49 and it is just ok. I am hoping things pick up soon.

I will let you know when I am done.

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Interesting idea. I'll look in my school library for it.

What's surprising me is that even if the doctor was old, the mother or whoever bathed her must have noticed the disparity.

To live all your life as a girl and suddenly switch genders must be an interesting concept. Away wih the skirts and 'sitting like a lady', more aggressiveness expected, etc etc. I can't wait to lay my hands on it.

Errm, Buki, I've been warned. IF the first 200 pages are as lacklustre as you say, I'll jump right ahead ;).

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The story of Cal’s gradual awakening to sexual awareness, self-acceptance, and identity is profoundly touching, portrayed beautifully, and ultimately very believable.

I loved this book, take it with an open mind, and I'm sure you will love it too

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