Vera put up a post about a couple of his books HERE.

I have read a couple of his books and so far... what I have read, I have liked.

Have any of you read his books? If so, which of his books are your favourites?


I've read quite a lot of Dean Koontz books. My favorites would be Intensity, Lightning, Seize the Night and By the Light of the Moon

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currently reading 'false memory'. so far so good- its quite a gripping storyline and I like the fact that he doesnt beat around the bush, just gets to the point straightaway. I will report back when I finish it.

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@Azuka I will be checking those books out :-)
@BH I actually thought I'd read False Memory! I haven't, it's still sitting in my house so I'll be reading it soon. Let me know how it is... and please no spoilers oh :-)

2:24 AM  

just finished reading false memory and its gooooooooood!!! Thrilling,funny, engaging and suspense-filled all at the same time. i think you'll enjoy it.

9:01 AM  

Okay BH, I will be reading it after this dry a** "White Teeth".

1:47 PM  

I particularly love Koontz's language. He doesn't fill in his sentences with dirty words -- eg Stephen King's use of the words 'fuck' and 'fucking' -- except in his chracter's speech. The worst language I've seen in the normal storyline was in Intensity, '.. probably taking off one of the hateful bastard's legs with it.' and even then, it fit in superbly.

The sentences are so well crafted. Fro example, in one of his books, at a point when you're about to go over the edge, he says,'... and it was like looking into the face of God. He screamed.'

Nothing better than this!

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