I am sure I complained about this guy's previous book sometime in April... Thieves' Paradise... You know what my main problem was...? The sex scenes... the way he described sex between a man and a woman... I was thinking, "Where is this man from?"

Anyway, back to "Genevieve", pronounced a different way in this book - In the author's words "Not JEH-neh-veev but ZHAWN-vee-EHV"

I am only on page 103 but I have a couple of lines from different sex scenes in this book:

  • I licked her like I was on trial and her orgasm, or lack of, was the verdict.
  • She's not as wet as a river but her vagina isn't a desert.

I know, I know, It seems like I am reading a porn-like book right? Well I am not, there is a story amongst all the sex...LOL!!! Serious though, I am not one to read African American books, this is like the 4th I am reading and I am yet to be impressed.

You know what? I will share more of the interesting sentences as I go along.


I can imagine - I read "Friends with Benefits" another Afro-American book, a lot of sex but there was a bit of a story. Wasn't so bad but wasn't that necessary hehe.

3:32 AM  

EJD's sex scenes are actually supposed to be one of the main draws to his writing (LOL). Anyway don't judge him just on Genevieve try reading some of his earlier stuff like Milk in my Coffee.

12:28 AM  

Thats one of the reasons i stay away from his books - they are quite unecessary sha! Ive read this book but dont ask me what happened cos i dont remember! I have to write something on Something borrowed which i will in a minute...
One AA writer that i totally stay away from is Zane, kai - just open a random page and you're in for it! Nah dudes

3:04 AM  

hmmm...I was just given one of his books by a coworker... Chasing Destiny. I hope it's good. Never read anything by him before. IF no one has ever read a book by Michael Baisden...I highly recommend it...try God's Gift to Women...I encourage both men and women to read it

4:12 PM  

Lol, I read ‘Between Lovers’ at least I think that’s what it’s called. Basically the one with the lesbians. There is a lota sex in his work, it’s what he is know for. It’s like picking up a Tom Clancy and saying wow there are a few guns in the book :) The book reminded me of my high school days in Naija when silhouette and mills and boons were the coolest things to read. If sex and innuendo isn’t your thing (well, reading about it anyway) then you definitely wont like this chap. I mean there are other bits in the book about jogging, exercising, training for the marathon, sweating, building stamina and muscle which glistens and looks good as lights bounce of .. ok that then degenerates into sex. Oh wait, there are other parts about strong black woman with real hair (dreads, not relaxed/ weave), who wears sexy bangles and makes men appreciate a sistah who’s ass is fully formed and …oh, sex talk again.You get the picture.

I’ve only read one of his books but the next one I read will be for free, I certainly wont pay to read him again on purpose. Eric Jerome to me is like a palette cleaner. Like when you go to watch a really funny, stupid move (with people like say Adam Sandler or I dunno, Jim Carrey in it) right after you’ve just seen a terribly sad or angry/ bloody movie (like say er … Titanic? I dunno, I refused to watch Titanic on principle but I hear it was sad). Basically you read him to help you sleep at night and forget the horrors of your day. It most certainly is not a book you hold with pride and read in public.

@ diamond hawk - this co worker, male or female? HAs said coworker since looked at you in a way that would suggest er.. shennanigans? wink wink nudge nudge :)

3:20 PM  

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