Something borrowed: Chapters 2 - 5, Onada's review

Looks like we have two book reviews going on here!! Which makes it all the more interesting. Go Buki!!
So i havent felt like reading this book anymore after the whole sleeping with the best friends fiance episode but i decided to give it another chance and things are falling into place.
In chapters 2 - 5 we follow our main character as she tells us the story of her friendship with her best friend - Best friend always got the cute guys, even stole her boyfriend in high school. Best friend moved to New york got the great PR job and her life was grand and our main character was just ....well.... there. She had to deal with braces, acne, losing boyfriends etc and has never felt like she was on Best friends level.
So our main character met fiance, DEX in law school before Best friend moved to New york and met him. They were friends and he was attracted to her at one point but she never acted on it. She introduced DEX to her best friend and she snatched him up and before anyone knew it best friend and Dex were engaged.
So now main character has slept with DEX she feels hella guilty and is still struggling on how to act normal around her best friend..... and now she has to go to the hamptons to spend memorial day there in a time share together with the best friend and fiance!!! Talk about an awkward weekend...
BUT THE JUCIEST part is that DEX called her to apologise for the awkwardness but said he didnt feel guilty or sorry for what happened....and now she's thinking that maybe back in LAW school she should have acted interested... in other words.... shes caught feelings for DEX...yikes.
more to come!


Onada, my dear, looks like you read slowly or you are such a busy woman that you don't have enough time to read. LOL!!!

I liked the book but I think cos I am used to British books, I wasn't too comfy with the writer's style...

There is more to come... how do you feel about what Rachel's done so far?

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oohhhhh juicy. So should we remove the blame from her cos of the background story? This is interesting because its potraying what se did in sort of a good light but really do people make decisions based on the bottom line (she slept with her friends man) or based on all the information received (her best friend hogs all the goodies and she never gets a break)

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@londonbuki! i've been quite busy and plus im also not really feeling the book since they gave so much away so early..... will try to give more timely updates.
I think what rachel did was un excusable drunk or no drunk

@ kinda puts a twist to it...did the best friend deserve it? yes but maybe not in that way....

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Thats one thing about Something borrowed - it packed quite a punch in the beginning...but there's still a bit of a storyline left albeit a little slower. I still have the sequel in my head (something blue) which is a continuation of this one and that one is much better - it develops slower. ummm but have you guys thought that ok if your soulmate was your best friend's fiance?? Hmmm havent thought about it abi - i know i'd like my MR. RIGHT to just be as uncomplicated/ without baggage as possible not to now talk about involving your girl! Kai - God forbid! Ok i just finished reading James Patterson's Honeymoon and i'll post a response on that shortly!

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