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Brief Review: Finding Fish By Antwone Fisher

I watched the movie, 'Antwone Fisher' a few years ago and it is not exactly like the book. I liked the movie but I think I prefer the book.

This is Antwone Fisher's true story... he was born in an institution where his Mum was being held and from them on, he was a 'Ward of the State'. His first 2 years were relatively ok because his foster Mother liked him... then it went downhill from there.

He stayed with a family for 15(or more) years of his life and he went through a lot - abuse(sexual by a woman), abuse(physically by his foster parents, more from his foster mother), abuse(mentally by his foster mother). He could have ended up in jail but he didn't... he once witnessed a friend get shot, he was homeless for a short while... I don't want to say too much about the book BUT I REALLY LIKED IT - Please read it if you can...

Yellow-Yellow by Kaine Agary

I am about to start reading this book, it's in my handbag and I'll start with it at lunchtime :-)

SYNOPSIS: Zilayefa, a young girl of Greek and Nigerian parentage, leaves her rustic existence and the protective grip of her mother in the village, in search of a better life in the city. With a recommendation from her church pastor, she is taken in and catered for by Sisi, an elderly woman, and her young friend, Lolo.

Zilayefa is thrust into the bustling city of Port Harcourt, unprepared for the pitfalls awaiting a young girl so unsure of herself and in desperate need of direction. In Port Harcourt, Zilayefa is confronted by prejudices against her racial identity. She struggles with accepting the void left by not knowing her father and tries to fill that void with the attention of an older lover.

Through the experiences of her budding sexuality, Zilayefa grows to a higeher level of knowledge and understanding and must define for herself what her life should be.

When I'm done with the book, I'll leave a review... I might leave a mid-read(LOL!) review too.


Cant wait for your review !!

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