Yellow-Yellow by Kaine Agary

I read a review of the book, on Amazon, and it made me more interested in reading the book.

I didn't really like it, I felt like I had to force myself to finish it.

It had some history about the Ijaws, etc... I learnt a little there. The main character's history - how her mother met her father, etc but the rest of the story - was JUST OK.

Has anyone read it? What'd you think?

I bought a magazine last week - New Woman - and it came with a free book "Ready or Not" by Chris Manby. CHICKLIT!!! I have had a long break from chicklit, so I think I should enjoy this book.


I was going to buy it, but I think I'll skip it! Last book I read was Zenzele, a letter for my daughter by nozipo maraire, i really liked it but another blog reader(who comes from the same country as the authur, zimbabwe)really hated it! Anyway, I am going to get some new books tomorrow, ill tell you what i get then!

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Yeah,I agree with you,the book was just ok. Nothing special.

I have acces to Manuscript will read it and see if over editing ki8lled the book.
I didnot like the way it ended.

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I haven't read it yet but I bought it and I'm not very encouraged to read it now! I read Kemi's Journal and that was pretty disappointing ... not doing much to change my views of Nigerian writers!

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i have read the book and it most be the worse book i have read in years. the first chapter was really good and then it completely disintegrated. I was not convinced or moved by the characters. the writer is evidently not a story teller and does not have a mastery of language or her craft. Perhaps after two or three attempts the book will begin to have some life.

Laterly I have read some excellent books by young Nigerian writers: half of the yellow sun, 26a, Icaraus Girl, Everything Good will come. This must be the worst of them all. The book is regrettably forgetable.

you wonder why you should care for the characters. It is badly edited and it's directionless. However, it is a good critique of the oil industry devestation of the environment. But the plot is under developed and the characters are wooden. This is N500 not worth the effort.

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Anonymous couldn't have put it better!!!

He/She took the words right out of my mouth

8:32 AM  

I still plan to read it regardless !!

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Inspite of what you think...the book make a good case for the people of the Niger-Delta. I think Kaine is essencially a jornalist who has tried her hands on fiction. The history context of the book is beautiful.

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Has anybody read 'Once Upon a Monday' -a collection of short stories by Samuel Umukoro or God Punish You, Lord Lugard a poem by Ogaga Ifowodo?

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Well, this book just won the LNG Prize for Literature! Since I felt the plot was rather simplistic,the characters sickeningly bland, the story poorly developed and the book's overall potential painfully unreached, it's either I (and all the others who didn't think the book had any 'oomph') must either have missed it, or the awarding committee didn't do its home work.

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I think agary did a great job,giving us a 2nd handle on reality.i was not born yet in the times she depicted but hv heard stories of wot the big city of ph. was like then.she deserves the award cos after reading the book.i couldnt stop talking about it.

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All this previous views are only objective and mine too is. But i have to say this is by far one of best novels written by a female writer. And it clearly explores feminism and the Nigerian woman's place in the society.

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just bouhgt the book last friday at the ALS forum Transcorp Hilton. so much heard about the book. 1st page got hooked, but my couson hijacked the book from me. so, i'm waiting to take it back.
dili nwankwo

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Hello all!!!!!!!!!!! I just read a book titled a woman's cross and other stories by Adaobi Nwoye and it's by far the best book I've read in years. I couldn't put it down. Anyone knows where i can get another book by the same author?

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We are currently studying the book in my school(uniport). The woman has got real talent. Read Ugiri. I bought a copy from my school bookshop. Don't know if it's sold in stores.She's the same person as Adaobi Ekwedigwe.
Tonte Banigo

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The problem with feminist writers is the fact that their ideologies are far too instensed. This has made their judgement one sided wit regards to the fact that they make believe the idea that women are constantly under the oppression of their male counterparts as it is in Yellow- Yellow. Perhaps if they opt for a balance between the two genders, it will pave way for liberality and equallity. Still, the book is a very nice one...

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Yellow yellow......i read dis book for the first time about two years ago and i've read it two more times after the first,each time,it possesses the same engulfing quality....i think Kaine is a wonderful first-timer.

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