I just finished reading, "We need to talk about Kevin" by Lionel Shriver...

About the Book:

Two years ago, Eva Khatchadourian's son, Kevin, murdered seven of his fellow high-school students, a cafeteria worker, and a popular algebra teacher. Because he was only fifteen at the time of the killings, he received a lenient sentence and is now in a prison for young offenders in upstate New York. Telling the story of Kevin's upbringing, Eva addresses herself to her estranged husband through a series of letters.



This book made me uncomfortable the whole time I was reading it. Kevin kills seven people in his school, he planned it, he knew exactly what he was doing, he hand picked the victims, he commited the crime a few days before his 16th birthday so he was tried as a minor and got only 7 years!!!

His mother, Eva, writes a string of letters to her husband. These letters are her way of explaining why Kevin ended up the way he did.

They married late, her reason for getting pregnant was not the best, when Kevin was born - she says he didn't like her. Didn't take her breast milk, always cried when he was with her but when his Dad was there, he was like an angel. She spoke to her husband about her fears and doubts, her husband thought she was seeing things... There were quite a few events as he grew up - at school, at home... Kevin was a worrying child but he was still a perfect son to his Father. His mother could see through him.

The end... was chilling - even after reading how he killed the people at his school, there was a horrible twist at the end.

Not to give too much away - it's a disturbing book, interesting but unsettling. I was wondering - there is a reason why he didn't kill his mother. I think he loved her in a twisted way... disturbing stuff.

Anyone read it? Thoughts...


I have not read this book and honestly i dont think i will because i am sure i'll be disturbed. Read something similar for a criminal law class in college and it still haunts me till today.

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read this book and could not put it down at the time. Still disturbing when i think about it, incredible writing, as a mother it was harowing (what would i do in her place,is love for your children really unconditional?)i have reccomended it to my friends it is a good read but one you will reflect on long after you read it, perhabs for life.......

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