The Harry Potter series

I decided to read everything all over again...

I couldn't believe how much I loved ALL the books this second time round. The last few pages of the final one, I actually kept going back a few pages because I didn't want it to end.

Very weird because I had read all the books before!

I think it's cos I read them back to back this time around, with no break in between so everything that happened in previous books was still fresh in my memory...

I really enjoyed this past week and a half - that's how long it took me to read all 7 books... now I don't know what to read next :-(


I'd love to read all books without buying them (yeah, I'm a cheapskate!).

Sorry I haven't been contributing.

11:36 AM  

çok güzel bir site.

2:36 AM  

im wit u Azuka.Though i have read book 1-6. waiting to download 7.i know my patience wld pay off.

5:30 AM  

OH WOW...You read terribly fast!

Id love to do that sometime but... men. TIME seems so finite these days.

2:26 PM  

girl, you must be one heaven of a book-eater (better than a caterpillar eating papyrii).

its a great pastime really- well done.

if you do get round to it- try reading 'this choice will change your life' by Ernest & Chinwe Nwokolo. check this out at

8:42 AM  

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