The Icarus Girl by Helen Oyeyemi

Jessamy “Jess” Harrison is eight years old. Sensitive, whimsical, possessed of an extraordinary and powerful imagination, she spends hours writing haiku, reading Shakespeare, or simply hiding in the dark warmth of the airing cupboard. As the child of an English father and a Nigerian mother, Jess just can’t shake off the feeling of being alone wherever she goes, and the other kids in her class are wary of her tendency to succumb to terrified fits of screaming.
Believing that a change from her English environment might be the perfect antidote to Jess’s alarming mood swings, her parents whisk her off to Nigeria for the first time where she meets her mother’s family—including her formidable grandfather.
Jess’s adjustment to Nigeria is only beginning when she encounters Titiola, or TillyTilly, a ragged little girl her own age. To Jess, it seems that, at last, she has found someone who will understand her. But gradually, TillyTilly’s visits become more disturbing, making Jess start to realize that she doesn’t know who TillyTilly is at all.
Helen Oyeyemi draws on Nigerian mythology to present a strikingly original variation on a classic literary theme: the existence of "doubles," both real and spiritual, who play havoc with our perceptions and our lives. Lyrical, haunting, and compelling, The Icarus Girl is a story of twins and ghosts, of a little girl growing up between cultures and colors. It heralds the arrival of a remarkable new talent.

The book started off slow... I didn't know what to expect from it AT ALL.
I just didn't expect it to scare me so much. It's been long since I have really thought about "Ogbanjes" and "Abikus"... this book scared me.
It is not the best book out there but it's scary, I don't want to read it again. The synopsis says a lot about the book already - Me, I was uncomfortably scared o...
I guess some people might enjoy it... I just wanted to get it over and done with QUICKLY.


Mythology sounds like fun. Is there a possibility of anything freaking you out in the book? Lol.

7:09 AM  

is something wrong with me because i was not scared when reading icarus girl at all.

7:15 AM  

Definitely not reading this one then. I hate being scared... i dont watch scary movies!!! The last time i saw one, i was literally held down to my chair on both sides and the door was locked. No joke!

It was The ring and i was in Hong Kong! (yeah...i couldnt sleep)

9:08 PM  

I was sooo scared when I read this book! I was also confused at times & a little disappointed at the end.

6:48 AM  

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