Almost every time the phrase 'sexual harassment' comes up, people inadvertently think of a male-harassing-female situation, yet the reverse scenario exists.

If you were a man and your boss harassed you, only to turn around and accuse you of sexual harassment when you spurn her advances, what would you do? In a society that's very unsympathetic, you find yourself in hot soup. Everyone suddenly avoids you. Your colleagues, other people in the industry, and you get the usual snide remarks and made-up songs in the cafeteria. The only people who seem to believe you are your wife, your secretary and your friend's wife -- even your friend doesn't!

In the thick of things is your boss who mocks you with impunity when no one's looking. When you look at the facts that she was your lover ten long years ago, is the never-do-wrong pet of the big boss, and got the position everyone thought you would have, it's pretty easy to build up a case against you as a man with a motive. As the events unfold, are you a victim or is she the victim?

I've come to expect techno-thrillers from Crichton for quite a while -- Jurassic Park, Andromeda Strain, Terminal Man etc -- so I was pleasantly thrilled when I read this book dealing with sexual harassment and corporate corruption. I watched the film a year ago, and while it differs slightly from the book, I must say they compliment each other.

Read the book and watch the film in any order. I can assure you you won't regret it ;).


My mum read this a while ago and recommended it but I never got round to it ... sounds good though so I'll definitely pick it up at some point!

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