Im currently reading this book and will definately post a review when Im done! Its a really good book, a million miles away from my usual chick lit and my recent James Fray foray....hmmm i should write a review about that one but thats another post for another day! If you haven't read it, then you have a couple of options, order it on amazon, ebay, go to walmart, borrow it from your nearest library or go and sit in a barnes & Noble, Chapters, Borders - whatever and read it or wait for my review and then go and get it :) Please pray that i write one and Laziness does not keep me from sharing! Anyways, if youve read it and you hated it or loved it, please reply so i can view the book from a totally different view/angle!


People have told me about this book ... my mom and my brother loved it! I really should read it! Apparently Drew Barrymore bought the film rights because she liked it so much. Anyway, waiting for your review!

3:54 AM  

I read it last year, did not like it. Rather drab, it felt like there where a lota ways the author coulda gone about the story to make it more punchy ya know? It was weak and boring in parts. Not the most amazing book I've ever read but not entirely crap either. I'd give it a 4.3 out of 10 :)

I wonder what the movie would be like. Then again you said Drew Barrymore so I'm thinking '50 first dates' meets 'Click' meets 'who will love my children'

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